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What base paper properties affect the quality of abrasive paper?
1.Smoothness of the paper: Base paper smoothness will affect the smoothness of abrasive paper and grinding piece
2.Roughness (WS) of the paper: For paper with good roughness, the resin will be easily taken in during waterproof
treatment. The paper will have good strength and waterproofness. The paper will be brittle when it takes too much resin while has poor waterproofness when it takes not enough. Therefore, suitable roughness (WS) is very important. 3.Paper fur: If the paper has much fur, the resin will cover the fur during size coat and form a bulge or large grain,which will bring scratches during grinding.
4.Paper folding endurance and tensile strength: Poor folding endurance and tensile strength will reduce the paper strength.And base paper will break even if grains are not run out.


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