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Industrial Non-woven

Industrial Non-woven is a hand-operating abrasive tool for surface treatment. It uses special fibre as base material, combines the fibre and abrasive grains with resin. It has a unique open network structure.

Product Features:

1. Brand-quality formulations and treatment, 100% imported fibre and resin, stable quality;
2. Homogeneous abrasive surface with good smoothness;
3. Anti-clog, long life, waterproof & oil resistance;
4. Elastic grinding, over-cutting and surface scratching can be effectively prevented;
5. Cold cutting, unique structure for effective heat dissipation, avoiding discoloration and deformation due to overheating while processing the workpiece;
6. Suitable for processing of any shape workpiece;
7. Provide safe and cozy working environment, less dust, no noise.

Product Introduction:

Product Name  Color Mineral Grit
(Equivalent to)
Major Application
6000 Blue Alox 150 Cleaning, hairline finishing, polishing & deburring on metal surface
8698 Green Alox 180
8688 Purple Alox 180
7447-B/7447-C Maroon Alox 320 General purpose applications on metalworking, wookworking and MRO
8448 Light Green SiC 600 Precise finishing & surface preparation, applications for metal & 3C industries
7448-D Grey SiC 800
7521/7531 Purple Alox 320 Woodworking and paint surface preparation, MRO and general purpose cleaning applications


1. High-quality decorative lined treatment: to provide high-quality decorative line for various materials surface, such as antique copper lined modification treatment, stainless steel surface decorative lined treatment, and so on;
2. Paint surface treatment: to remove the coating layer of wood, metal and other material surface, such as primer and the paint. After treatment the enhancement of the adhesion strength between the coating layers leads to effectively extending the life of coating.
3. Cleaning, polishing, derusting, deburring, removing thoroughly all the surface dirt , rust, oxide scale and other attachments. Widely used in mechanical maintenance and cleaning, weld cleaning, cutting traces cleaning, deburring, etc.


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