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Seeded-Gel Abrasive CA (SG)

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Seeded Gel (SG) is a ceramic aluminium oxide manufactured by a sintering process. Each abrasive grit consists of sub-micron size particles which under grinding force are separated from the grit. This keeps SG sharper than conventional abrasives which can dull as flats are worn on the working points. This wearing of small particles also reduces wheel wear rates and increases the G Ratio: volume of metal removed/wheel wear volume. Because sub-micron particles are worn away, SG holds form and finish better than conventional abrasives especially at higher metal removal rates and forces. Therefore less dressing is needed, wheel life is increased and higher removal rates increase productivity. Moreover, unlike CBN which may require new truing and/or dressing methods, SG products are easily trued with single- or multi-point diamonds or rotary diamond cutters nor do they require stiffer-than-usual machines or special equipment.

The Advantages of Seeded-Gel Abrasives CA

1. high hardness, high toughness, high sharpness, not easy to burn workpieces.
2. Compared with common corundum abrasives, CA has the advantages of high abrasion and consumption rate, good shape remaining ability, high quality processing surface of workpieces, less truing, high grinding efficiency.
3. CA grinding wheels are suitable to grind aerospace alloys, chilled steels, tool steels, hard chromium and hard cast iron.
4. Applicable to different kinds of binders, especially high-temperature binders.

Chemical Composition









Partical Size

In accordance of the specifications of GB2477-2008.

Available Grits



25kg/bag, one inner plastic bag, two poly-woven bags or one coated poly-woven bag.
Paper bag or carton packing is available.

Wooden pallet or jumbo bag is also available.


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