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BM85 EU Latex Paper + Anti-clog Zinc Stearated + SIC

  • P60
  • P80
  • P100
  • P120
  • P150
  • P180
  • P220
  • P240
  • P280
  • P320
  • P400
  • P500
  • P600
  • P800

Unit Price: US$ 0.136~0.153/Sheet
Quantity:  x1,000 Sheet(Stock:Please select grit)
(Min. cargo amount totally is US$1000 for assorted grits and items.)
Port Charges:US$ 175/bill
Sea Freight:Free from Shenzhen, China --

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EN85 EU Latex Paper + Anti-clog Zinc Stearated + special-treated Alox + similar to Norton A275
EJ85 EU Latex Paper + Anti-clog Zinc Stearated + special-treated Alox
EK85 EU Latex Paper + Anti-clog Zinc Stearated + Special-treated Alox
BP62 EU kraft paper + waterproof + SIC
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Description of Goods:
1. Suitable for primer, wood, synthetic material sanding.
2. Size: 230mmx280mm
   Package: 100 pcs/pack,1000 pcs/box, is only sold in one full box.

1. For total cargo amount US$1000.00 -- US$2000.00: Store prices.
2. For total cargo amount US$2001.00 -- US$3000.00: 5% discount based on store prices.
3. For total cargo amount US$3001.00 -- US$4000.00: 10% discount based on store prices.
4. For total cargo amount more than US$4000.00, please contact directly with our salesmen for more discount.
5. The cargo amount does not include the delivery charges.

Payment terms:
1. For amount less than USD5000.00, we require full payment by T/T or Paypal in advance.
2. For amount more than USD5000.00, we accept 30% T/T in advance, balance by T/T against B/L copy.
4. For amount less than USD3000.00, we accept PayPal.

Delivery BY SEA: Local port charge: USD175.00/bill
Sea Freight: USD0.00/CBM for basic sea ports in our list. Details please check with our salesmen.
Deliver BY AIR: Details please check with our salesmen.

Shipping time:
1. Shipping time: Factory to the port: in 7 days after receiving the payment.
2. Port time: 3-10 days for Customs clearance and waiting for ship schedule.
3. Sailing time: please check with our salesman.

Why buy our products:
1. Wholesale from direct factory stock, 30% lower than market price. Bigger quantity, more discount!
2. ISO factory and quality assurance.
3. Free samples! You only need to pay for courier charge, which will be deducted from your first order.
4. Factory has four branches. 1 German line, 1 Italian line, 4 Chinese lines. Imported machines and techniques assure the advanced technique and stable quality.
5. Factory annual output 5,000,000 square meters so the cost can be equally shared and much lower.
6. 70% raw materials are from EU, US, KR, JP or their factories in China. So we have assurance in raw materials quality.
7. More than 40 kinds of abrasive paper and film suitable for different applications.
8. Offering OEM orders for more than 20 brands worldwide. 

Quality promises:
1. Quality will have ±5% tolerance.
2. About the claim for quality, we will give you feedback within ten days after receiving your samples and our testing room finishing testing report when we received your samples.

1. Min. cargo amount totally is USD1000 for assorted grits and items.
2. As the stock cargo is also sold off-line, so please check the final available items, grits and quantity with our salesman.
3. The prices are for ex factory. Courier charge or sea freight charge please check the detail. Please note that transportation charge is calculated per bill. The bigger order quantity, the lower average charge.
4. Please note that for LCL cargo, the destination port will also have some charges. Details please check with your destination port agent. Charges are calculated per bill. The bigger order quantity, the lower average charge.
5. Our RMB prices are fixed, while USD prices need to be adjusted according to the exchange rate between USD and RMB, which keeps declining in recent three years.
6. For large quantity, we accept OEM order.
7. If you have demand for other shape or other size, please contact with our salesmen.
8. If you need to buy abrasive paper and abrasive grains at the same time, please do not add them to the same cart. Please place order separately.

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BM85 Waterproof Abrasive Paper


BM85 Waterproof Abrasive Paper


BM85 Waterproof Abrasive Paper

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